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13.August 1997

Norway 1997 - OsloWe wake up, wash, eat some meal, pack everything and we continue today to Oslo. It is a quick change from wilderness to a big city full of people. But Oslo at last captured us. At the beginning we visited Museum of Vikings. It is a building in shape of cross. In each side there is one viking ship. When we realized that in this small ships Vikings discovered a lot of far places, it looks like impossible. Then we visited museums FRAM and Kon-Tiki. In Fram you can see a ship of Roald Amudsen. It is also possible to visit this ship. When you are in underdeck, you can hear a recording of yelling cold wind sound. It is a really realistic experience of capturing South Pole. We were also informed about struggle between Scott and Amudsen. In Kon-Tiki we moved to warmer area. There is also ship Ra II, that was made from papyrus by Thor Heyerdahl group of fun of history. This group of scientists also sail on this ship across the Atlantic from Morocco.

Norway 1997 - Oslo - Vigeland ParkI was really delighted at Vigeland Park. There is 197 sculptures from this Norway artist. In middle of park is “Monument” sculpture, near of it is “Circle of life” and on second site is “Fountain”. I am not big fun of art, but these sculptures are really nice. Our next surprise was visit of Olympic ski jumping ramp Holmenkolen. Landing place was filled with water and you can swim there. It was hot and we took advantage of this offer. In short time we wear our swimsuits and we dive into water of this temporary pool. At last we made individual program and we split. After short city examination we meet together in local Woodstock pub. After some drink and cake we go to our car and continue to Sweden. Today we also sleep in wilderness, on small meadow near of forest. To go there with car we must move 2 stems from pathway. We built our tents and ate something. It is a beautiful clear night. We lie down on our sleeping underlays and summarize our holiday in Norway. It was fulfilled everything what we expected. We saw about twenty of falling stars, and nobody want to go to sleep. At last we go to sleep, when it start to fall moisture.

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