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16.August 1997

Norway 1997 - Trelleborg
At morning in Trelleborg we woke up sooner, to catch our ferry. We are going by ferry to Sassnitz. Weather is beautiful. We discovered a palm tree in harbour. It suits to this tropic weather and we made a leave photo using palm as background from Scandinavian Peninsula. We took aboard. We had 6 hours until we land in Sassnitz. On ship we wanted to shower, but after finding info that shower cost 10 DM, we managed to find other solution. Girls showered together in one cabin. I washed myself straight in washroom, dressed only into my scanties. Jaro and Peter used a mug to shower them in shower cabin.

Norway 1997 - Sassnitz
City Sassnitz is not as smooth as Rostock. Everywhere we saw described blocks of flats. It looks like we were back from fairy tale to reality. In local supermarket we bought some cheap yogurts and other meal. I ate my yogurt on near filling station. But in next hour we had to stop on panelled highway, and I unfolded my yogurt in near forest. We continued, and after 5 hours was our car going out of fuel. And through last 100 km there wasn’t any filling station. Without fuel we stopped on side of highway. Girls tried to stop some cars, and after short time they stopped some German man on Peugeot with diesel engine. He gave us 5 litres of oil fuel in exchange for chocolate and some money. Jaro spent some time to start car engine. But at last he started and we continued. Shortly we found a filling station. After scooping up we continued at home. We only prepared a dinner on bay. After dinner we got to car, to find best places for sleeping. Gabika chose place on luggage at the back, Lucia on back seat, and I placed myself in gap between back and middle seats. Olga and Hela also found their places for sleeping. Slowly I fell to sleep, while our car continued to our way at home.

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