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IcelandFaroe Islands

28.August 1998

Iceland 1998 - LandmannlaugarIt is morning’s standard weather on Iceland. It is raining. We packed our tent in a record time, to prevent to have wet things. We saved a day or two, and we decided to go to mountain camping in Landmannlaugar. This camping is far from main maintained round way around Iceland. Before our trip we had to find some informations about possibility to reach that place with our bus. We stopped on our way in Hveragardi. It is a small city on southwest of Iceland. There we visited a big glasshouse, Eden Shop. You can buy there souvenirs between palm trees while temperature outside can be under 0 degree. Hynek found out there, that the way to Landmannlaugar, is negotiable also for our bus. Franta sat down to his place of driver, and after a few kilometers we left main way and turned to black wilderness. The way wasn’t such good as we were informed. But with help of God and our driver’s abilities we continued forward. Everywhere were black dust and it looks like we were going through the black desert.

The last place with inhabitants Hrauneyar were in a half of our way and it looked more like lodging houses for workers. After short break there we continued. The countryside around us warped from plain to mountains. At afternoon we reached our camping place. In front of camp it was the ford. It was better to bring our things with us and went over it by foot using wood pathways. It was a little bit raining and we had a beautiful surround. Mountains were colored from black to dark red. We built our tents and decided to cook some dinner. After preparing all ingredients for the risotto we started to cook it on the wooden table near of our tents. Our effort was broken with strong rain. We stopped the cooker and went to our tents. Our rice we hid under the table. After a half hour weather improved and we continued in the cooking. But also the second attempt was broken with rain. We hid our rice and also cooker. That day it looked on cold dinner. During strong raining and it also started to blow cold wind. We gave up all our cooking attempts. Boris’s tent we degraded to store tent and Boris moved to my tent. It was a little bit uncomfortable, but it was necessary.

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