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IcelandFaroe Islands

31.August 1998

Iceland 1998 - SkaftafelljokulAt morning we woke up to beautiful weather. The rain finished. That day we prepared to trekking around an iceberg. We finished our preparation before noon. It was our the longest trek, here in Iceland. We crossed Sjonarsker, Nyrthrihnujur and we climbed to 979 m high Kristinartindar. My ascent to top, in strong wind was near of my maximum. The last thing that helped me to continue, was bar of chocolate in my rucksack. We wanted to eat it as bonus on the top. Now I must reach the top, take it to my friends. At last I was on the top, and I was happy from excellent view from the top.

Iceland 1998 - SkaftafelljokulWe could see from there 2 joining moraines of the iceberg. Boris took 8 pictures with camera for the panorama. They were the most beautiful pictures from our holiday. After our return back from the top we continued through 650 m high Glam to Sjonarnipa. We reached our camping on late afternoon. We opened bottle with Dem√§novka. It was very tasty, especially for Hilda. At evening it started to blow strong wind and we were afraid of our tents. It was very bad night. Wind was blowing with huge power and our tent copied our lying bodies in it. Boris was sleeping, but I was so afraid, that my tent could broke. Also in tents around us it was brightly. Sentences “Are you still staying?” or “Oh no, my is not staying already” were questions and answer about our tents. And some of them fell.

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