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2.September 1998

Iceland 1998 - Dyrholaey
At morning we left B&B at half past nine. At the camping site we joined with other part of our travelers. Their tents were much more wetter than yesterday. In the Svartys we made photo near of the lighthouse. It was so difficult to make photo in the horizontal rain, but at last we made it successfully. We denied to visit The museum of stones. That day we were returning to point that we left 2 weeks ago. Our round way around Iceland was closed. In the Egilstadir we bought some meal for the ferry. We had enough own groceries we only wanted to buy some fresh bread and butter. We reached our well known camp in Seydisfjordur in the strong rain. Hesitated long time, we build our tents at last. But there were no other possibility. Our dinner we prepared on our standard place in the shower/toilet cabin. With wet dresses we went to sleep to wet sleeping bags and wet tents. But it didn’t matter at last. We were so tired and we slept in short time.

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