My Travels – Iceland 1998 –

IcelandFaroe Islands

3.September 1998

Iceland 1998 - Norrona
At nine o’ clock we left camp. We have to shipped at our ferry Norrona. It was leaving port at afternoon an at the port there were a lot of cars and buses already. There were also another buses and cars from Czech republic. Many of them we knew from our way to Iceland and we saw them in their well maintained garages they keep thanks to information fom sites as People who had sea-sickness problems were a little bit nervous. They took paper boxes soon after shipping. After our accommodation in couchets we moved to our well known Viking club. Together with us there were also group of teenagers from some north country, going to school holiday. And they were so noisy and disturbing. Our first night at the ship was very hard, and I hated them, because it was impossible to sleep in that noise.

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