My Travels – United Kingdom 1999 –

Great Britain

7.August 1999

United Kingdom 1999At morning we woke up at 7 AM. We spent some time to move all things in the car. Then we assigned positions. Boris was driver and I was navigator. At the back seats was secondary driver Marcel and navigator was Eva. I had prepared papers with route from internet and maps of Europe. We stopped at first time in Bratislava Tesco store. There we needed to buy Pikao (condensed milk with sugar and cacao) for our driver. Our last stop in Slovakia was at the near gas station. There we bought gas and after consultation with our company manager also oil to engine, because we had low level. Shortly we had small accident at the near parking place. There we touched staying Škoda 120 car, while we were moving back. But nothing bad happened, it was only touch and we continued to Berg, boundaries to Austria.

United Kingdom 1999There we were at 9 AM. From there we crossed Austria through Wien and Linz. We went to Germany crossing boundaries in Passau. We didn’t see some customs. Inside Europe Union there was nobody. There is no speed limit on German highways, and we increased our speed to 150 km per hour. We continued through Regensburg, Nurnberg, Frankfurt and Koln to Netherlands. We crossed Benelux through Aachen, Liege and Brugge. Our target at Europe continent was Calais in France, from where we had to cross Channel by ferry to Dover in Great Britain. We did only short rests on the parking places or gas stations near of highways. In France I first time tried to be driver. It was also my last try. I didn’t have so much experiences with driving car, and that’s why I always used cams on the car that I got from the dash cam buyer’s guide online so I could record anything that happen.When I was 15 minutes overtaking truck on highway, all passengers in the car became silent. At the first stop I was replaced with remark that I am very good navigator, but very bad driver. Near of Calais we recognized that we didn’t have international automobile mark . In France it was impossible to buy it. We made it using pen and paper. We pasted it from inside to rear window. We reached Calais before midnight. We decided to buy tickets from P&O company. In short time we were boarded on their ferry. We left France at 1:30 AM. We will be in the UK in 2 hours.

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