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Flag of Zambia Zambia

Regions of Zambia

Central Copperbelt Eastern Luapula Lusaka
North-Western Northern Southern Western

Cities of Luapula

Bagasa Bagasa Bagasa Bakenga Bakenga
Bakenga Bambwe Bambwe Bambwe Bambwe township
Bambwe township Bambwe township Banachewembwe Banachewembwe Banachewembwe
Banakachele Banakachele Banakachele Banamwaze Banamwaze
Banamwaze Banga Banga Banga Banji
Banji Banji Banji myanda Banji myanda Banji myanda
Banojabo Banojabo Banojabo Basanga Basanga
Basanga Batoka Batoka Batoka Batunga
Batunga Batunga Bayangwe Bayangwe Bayangwe
Belemu Belemu Belemu Bilili Bilili
Bilili Bizi Bizi Bizi Bopo
Bopo Bopo Botunga Botunga Botunga
Bovu Bovu Bovu Bowwood Bowwood
Bowwood Bungula Bungula Bungula Bungulu
Bungulu Bungulu Butele Butele Butele
Buyongwe Buyongwe Buyongwe Bwantu Bwantu
Bwantu Cabalanda Cabalanda Cabalanda Chaboboma
Chaboboma Chaboboma Chalimanza Chalimanza Chalimanza
Chamapula Chamapula Chamapula Chambwa Chambwa
Chambwa Chamwe Chamwe Chamwe Chande
Chande Chande Changa Changa Changa
Chaposwa Chaposwa Chaposwa Chapvonga Chapvonga
Chapvonga Chasangwe Chasangwe Chasangwe Chatugwa
Chatugwa Chatugwa Chatumwa Chatumwa Chatumwa
Chelo nangweluka Chelo nangweluka Chelo nangweluka Chiabi Chiabi
Chiabi Chibamboma Chibamboma Chibamboma Chibenda
Chibenda Chibenda Chibendo Chibendo Chibendo
Chibenga Chibenga Chibenga Chibila Chibila
Chibila Chiboboma Chiboboma Chiboboma Chibunze
Chibunze Chibunze Chibunzi Chibunzi Chibunzi
Chibwaulu Chibwaulu Chibwaulu Chichili Chichili
Chichili Chidakwa Chidakwa Chidakwa Chief mapanza
Chief mapanza Chief mapanza Chief monze Chief monze Chief monze
Chief mukobela Chief mukobela Chief mukobela Chief muwezwa Chief muwezwa
Chief muwezwa Chief shimbizi Chief shimbizi Chief shimbizi Chiela
Chiela Chiela Chifosa kiyoba Chifosa kiyoba Chifosa kiyoba
Chifwepa Chifwepa Chifwepa Chigali Chigali
Chigali Chiganka Chiganka Chiganka Chigo
Chigo Chigo Chigumbwe Chigumbwe Chigumbwe
Chigunka Chigunka Chigunka Chiguta Chiguta
Chiguta Chikambwa Chikambwa Chikambwa Chikanda muchili
Chikanda muchili Chikanda muchili Chikanda munchili Chikanda munchili Chikanda munchili
Chikankata Chikankata Chikankata Chikanta Chikanta
Chikanta Chikomania Chikomania Chikomania Chikomanya
Chikomanya Chikomanya Chikonga Chikonga Chikonga
Chikuni Chikuni Chikuni Chikunka Chikunka
Chikunka Chikwele Chikwele Chikwele Chilala
Chilala Chilala Chilama Chilama Chilama
Chilapi Chilapi Chilapi Chilemba Chilemba
Chilemba Chileya Chileya Chileya Chileya kwalata
Chileya kwalata Chileya kwalata Chiliango Chiliango Chiliango
Chilimanzi Chilimanzi Chilimanzi Chilimbana Chilimbana
Chilimbana Chilonde Chilonde Chilonde Chilopi
Chilopi Chilopi Chilumbi Chilumbi Chilumbi
Chilume Chilume Chilume Chilyabufu Chilyabufu
Chilyabufu Chilyango Chilyango Chilyango Chimbali
Chimbali Chimbali Chimpolombwe Chimpolombwe Chimpolombwe
Chimuga Chimuga Chimuga Chimwaijila Chimwaijila
Chimwaijila Chindalo Chindalo Chindalo Chindimba
Chindimba Chindimba Chingabe Chingabe Chingabe
Chingumbwe Chingumbwe Chingumbwe Chinjila Chinjila
Chinjila Chinkuli Chinkuli Chinkuli Chinkumbe
Chinkumbe Chinkumbe Chinkumbi Chinkumbi Chinkumbi
Chinkuri Chinkuri Chinkuri Chinumbwa Chinumbwa
Chinumbwa Chinungu Chinungu Chinungu Chioma
Chioma Chioma Chiota Chiota Chiota
Chipako Chipako Chipako Chipangula Chipangula
Chipangula Chipantangela Chipantangela Chipantangela Chipantangeli
Chipantangeli Chipantangeli Chipemba Chipemba Chipemba
Chipepo Chipepo Chipepo Chiponde Chiponde
Chiponde Chipwaly Chipwaly Chipwaly Chirombe
Chirombe Chirombe Chirundu Chirundu Chirundu
Chisabuka Chisabuka Chisabuka Chisebuka Chisebuka
Chisebuka Chisekesi Chisekesi Chisekesi Chisi
Chisi Chisi Chisindi Chisindi Chisindi
Chisumpa Chisumpa Chisumpa Chitambo Chitambo
Chitambo Chitongo Chitongo Chitongo Chiuabufu
Chiuabufu Chiuabufu Chiumbe Chiumbe Chiumbe
Chiumpe Chiumpe Chiumpe Chivumba Chivumba
Chivumba Chivuna Chivuna Chivuna Chiyobola
Chiyobola Chiyobola Chiyoma Chiyoma Chiyoma
Chiyumpe Chiyumpe Chiyumpe Choambana Choambana
Choambana Chobana Chobana Chobana Chobananga
Chobananga Chobananga Chobolo Chobolo Chobolo
Choma Choma Choma Chomba Chomba
Chomba Chombe Chombe Chombe Chombo
Chombo Chombo Chombwa Chombwa Chombwa
Chona Chona Chona Chongo Chongo
Chongo Chubi Chubi Chubi Chula
Chula Chula Chuluka Chuluka Chuluka
Chumpe Chumpe Chumpe Cumwicumwi Cumwicumwi
Cumwicumwi Dambwa Dambwa Dambwa Dembera
Dembera Dembera Diabwa Diabwa Diabwa
Dibwe Dibwe Dibwe Dibwi Dibwi
Dibwi Dimbwe Dimbwe Dimbwe Falls view
Falls view Falls view Fhumba Fhumba Fhumba
Fumba Fumba Fumba Fumbo Fumbo
Fumbo Gamela Gamela Gamela Gamera
Gamera Gamera Ganduza Ganduza Ganduza
Garampande Garampande Garampande Glabasefu Glabasefu
Glabasefu Gongfwe Gongfwe Gongfwe Gunduza
Gunduza Gunduza Gunzwe Gunzwe Gunzwe
Gwanda gwanda Gwanda gwanda Gwanda gwanda Gwembe Gwembe
Gwembe Habbunya Habbunya Habbunya Habunya
Habunya Habunya Hajisa Hajisa Hajisa
Hakale Hakale Hakale Hamakalu Hamakalu
Hamakalu Hangata Hangata Hangata Haniendo
Haniendo Haniendo Hanyendo Hanyendo Hanyendo
Harlwindi Harlwindi Harlwindi Highlands Highlands
Highlands Hillcrest Hillcrest Hillcrest Ibwe munyama
Ibwe munyama Ibwe munyama Ijamba school Ijamba school Ijamba school
Ilombola Ilombola Ilombola Imushu Imushu
Imushu Inonge Inonge Inonge Ivonge
Ivonge Ivonge Jalabani Jalabani Jalabani
Jamba school Jamba school Jamba school Jaravani Jaravani
Jaravani Jatukwa Jatukwa Jatukwa Jenga jenga
Jenga jenga Jenga jenga Jim ngandu Jim ngandu Jim ngandu
Jim sichange Jim sichange Jim sichange Jinga jinga Jinga jinga
Jinga jinga John roberts hill John roberts hill John roberts hill Jonya
Jonya Jonya Jube Jube Jube
Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo Kabanga Kabanga
Kabanga Kabanje Kabanje Kabanje Kabanji
Kabanji Kabanji Kabanze Kabanze Kabanze
Kabanzi Kabanzi Kabanzi Kabimba Kabimba
Kabimba Kabimba chilala Kabimba chilala Kabimba chilala Kabombo
Kabombo Kabombo Kabubwe Kabubwe Kabubwe
Kabulamwanda Kabulamwanda Kabulamwanda Kabumbwe Kabumbwe
Kabumbwe Kabwe Kabwe Kabwe Kafuchi
Kafuchi Kafuchi Kagwamina Kagwamina Kagwamina
Kaingu Kaingu Kaingu Kajaswa Kajaswa
Kajaswa Kajazyo Kajazyo Kajazyo Kajonja
Kajonja Kajonja Kajula Kajula Kajula
Kakamba Kakamba Kakamba Kakobela Kakobela
Kakobela Kakowera Kakowera Kakowera Kakumi
Kakumi Kakumi Kalabaya Kalabaya Kalabaya
Kalala Kalala Kalala Kalenga Kalenga
Kalenga Kalenge Kalenge Kalenge Kaliangila
Kaliangila Kaliangila Kaliangile Kaliangile Kaliangile
Kalimanzila Kalimanzila Kalimanzila Kaliwa Kaliwa
Kaliwa Kaloba Kaloba Kaloba Kalobola
Kalobola Kalobola Kalomo Kalomo Kalomo
Kalomo boma Kalomo boma Kalomo boma Kalondwani Kalondwani
Kalondwani Kalua Kalua Kalua Kaluwi
Kaluwi Kaluwi Kalyangile Kalyangile Kalyangile
Kamamba Kamamba Kamamba Kamonwa Kamonwa
Kamonwa Kampondo Kampondo Kampondo Kampukwe
Kampukwe Kampukwe Kamujoma Kamujoma Kamujoma
Kamwamwa Kamwamwa Kamwamwa Kamwano Kamwano
Kamwano Kamwe Kamwe Kamwe Kamwi
Kamwi Kamwi Kananga Kananga Kananga
Kanatola Kanatola Kanatola Kancele Kancele
Kancele Kanchele Kanchele Kanchele Kanchindu
Kanchindu Kanchindu Kandundwe Kandundwe Kandundwe
Kanego Kanego Kanego Kanjolo Kanjolo
Kanjolo Kanjuwa Kanjuwa Kanjuwa Kantamba
Kantamba Kantamba Kantengwa Kantengwa Kantengwa
Kantumbi Kantumbi Kantumbi Kanundwa Kanundwa
Kanundwa Kanyama Kanyama Kanyama Kanyoze
Kanyoze Kanyoze Kaparia Kaparia Kaparia
Kapondo Kapondo Kapondo Kapule Kapule
Kapule Kasaka Kasaka Kasaka Kasambo
Kasambo Kasambo Kasamu Kasamu Kasamu
Kasenga Kasenga Kasenga Kashimbi Kashimbi
Kashimbi Kashingwe Kashingwe Kashingwe Kasiya
Kasiya Kasiya Kasoka Kasoka Kasoka
Kasoko Kasoko Kasoko Kasungula Kasungula
Kasungula Kasungulu Kasungulu Kasungulu Kataba
Kataba Kataba Katambo Katambo Katambo
Katanda Katanda Katanda Katapasi Katapasi
Katapasi Katapazi Katapazi Katapazi Katengwa
Katengwa Katengwa Katinti Katinti Katinti
Katobo Katobo Katobo Katombora Katombora
Katombora Katumba Katumba Katumba Katwamazila
Katwamazila Katwamazila Katwamzila Katwamzila Katwamzila
Kaula Kaula Kaula Kauwe Kauwe
Kauwe Kavwata Kavwata Kavwata Kawalizhi
Kawalizhi Kawalizhi Kawanina Kawanina Kawanina
Kayabo Kayabo Kayabo Kayama Kayama
Kayama Kayembe Kayembe Kayembe Kayinga
Kayinga Kayinga Kayingu Kayingu Kayingu
Kazala Kazala Kazala Kazoka Kazoka
Kazoka Kazungula Kazungula Kazungula Kembe
Kembe Kembe Kendundwa Kendundwa Kendundwa
Kitambo Kitambo Kitambo Kolondo Kolondo
Kolondo Koma Koma Koma Komanyana
Komanyana Komanyana Koolwe Koolwe Koolwe
Kotavu Kotavu Kotavu Kufwafudulu Kufwafudulu
Kufwafudulu Kufwakudulu Kufwakudulu Kufwakudulu Kushwamarena
Kushwamarena Kushwamarena Kutwi Kutwi Kutwi
Kwahangua Kwahangua Kwahangua Lakamba Lakamba
Lakamba Lambola Lambola Lambola Lazao
Lazao Lazao Libonda Libonda Libonda
Libuyu Libuyu Libuyu Liduli Liduli
Liduli Likubangwa Likubangwa Likubangwa Liluli
Liluli Liluli Linda Linda Linda
Livingstone Livingstone Livingstone Livingstore Livingstore
Livingstore Lizazi Lizazi Lizazi Luambe
Luambe Luambe Lubaba Lubaba Lubaba
Lubalansuk Lubalansuk Lubalansuk Lubango Lubango
Lubango Lubanje Lubanje Lubanje Lubemba
Lubemba Lubemba Lubombo Lubombo Lubombo
Lubombo siding Lubombo siding Lubombo siding Lubwe Lubwe
Lubwe Lufunfula Lufunfula Lufunfula Lufungula
Lufungula Lufungula Lukobo Lukobo Lukobo
Lumamba Lumamba Lumamba Lunkalaba Lunkalaba
Lunkalaba Lupata Lupata Lupata Lusie
Lusie Lusie Lusitu Lusitu Lusitu
Lusiye Lusiye Lusiye Lutanga Lutanga
Lutanga Lutangu Lutangu Lutangu Luwanya
Luwanya Luwanya Luwinga Luwinga Luwinga
Lwambe Lwambe Lwambe Lyabwa Lyabwa
Lyabwa Lyambwa Lyambwa Lyambwa Maaba
Maaba Maaba Maala Maala Maala
Maamba Maamba Maamba Maba Maba
Maba Mabevu Mabevu Mabevu Macha
Macha Macha Madiongo Madiongo Madiongo
Madobo Madobo Madobo Madonda Madonda
Madonda Madyonga Madyonga Madyonga Madyongo
Madyongo Madyongo Magonga Magonga Magonga
Magoye Magoye Magoye Mahau Mahau
Mahau Mahungu Mahungu Mahungu Maiba
Maiba Maiba Maibwe Maibwe Maibwe
Makabela Makabela Makabela Makai Makai
Makai Makangala Makangala Makangala Makangara
Makangara Makangara Makayuwa Makayuwa Makayuwa
Makobela Makobela Makobela Makoka Makoka
Makoka Makonde Makonde Makonde Makonka
Makonka Makonka Makri Makri Makri
Makunka Makunka Makunka Makunku Makunku
Makunku Makwamba Makwamba Makwamba Makwebo
Makwebo Makwebo Makwembo Makwembo Makwembo
Makwinde Makwinde Makwinde Makwindi Makwindi
Makwindi Mala Mala Mala Malalu
Malalu Malalu Malamani Malamani Malamani
Malco Malco Malco Maliko Maliko
Maliko Malimba Malimba Malimba Malindi
Malindi Malindi Malionga Malionga Malionga
Maliye Maliye Maliye Maluma Maluma
Maluma Malumani Malumani Malumani Malundu
Malundu Malundu Mamba Mamba Mamba
Mambo Mambo Mambo Mambova Mambova
Mambova Mamboza Mamboza Mamboza Mampondu
Mampondu Mampondu Mande Mande Mande
Mandevu Mandevu Mandevu Mandiya Mandiya
Mandiya Manga Manga Manga Mangunza
Mangunza Mangunza Mangwto Mangwto Mangwto
Manikilo Manikilo Manikilo Mankodi Mankodi
Mankodi Manyapa Manyapa Manyapa Manyepa
Manyepa Manyepa Mapanda Mapanda Mapanda
Mapanza Mapanza Mapanza Mapena Mapena
Mapena Mapobwe Mapobwe Mapobwe Mapolymoka
Mapolymoka Mapolymoka Mapolyomoka Mapolyomoka Mapolyomoka
Mapulu Mapulu Mapulu Maramba Maramba
Maramba Marindi Marindi Marindi Maruma
Maruma Maruma Marumani Marumani Marumani
Marundu Marundu Marundu Maseni Maseni
Maseni Masenje Masenje Masenje Mashichi
Mashichi Mashichi Mashie Mashie Mashie
Mashigi Mashigi Mashigi Masiapi Masiapi
Masiapi Masine Masine Masine Masole
Masole Masole Masongozi Masongozi Masongozi
Masuba Masuba Masuba Masuka Masuka
Masuka Masuku Masuku Masuku Masyapi
Masyapi Masyapi Matako Matako Matako
Matambo Matambo Matambo Matandabala Matandabala
Matandabala Mateya Mateya Mateya Mateyo
Mateyo Mateyo Matobo Matobo Matobo
Matongo Matongo Matongo Matope Matope
Matope Matungu Matungu Matungu Mauluzhi
Mauluzhi Mauluzhi Maunga Maunga Maunga
Maungu Maungu Maungu Mayiyangulwa Mayiyangulwa
Mayiyangulwa Mayobo Mayobo Mayobo Mayongo
Mayongo Mayongo Mazabuka Mazabuka Mazabuka
Mazaka Mazaka Mazaka Mazhiba Mazhiba
Mazhiba Mazila Mazila Mazila Mbabala
Mbabala Mbabala Mbeza Mbeza Mbeza
Mbila Mbila Mbila Mbobela Mbobela
Mbobela Mbovera Mbovera Mbovera Mbozi
Mbozi Mbozi Mgubu Mgubu Mgubu
Mirangu Mirangu Mirangu Miritan Miritan
Miritan Miyoba nakayuwa Miyoba nakayuwa Miyoba nakayuwa Moba
Moba Moba Mobola Mobola Mobola
Mobolo Mobolo Mobolo Moheni Moheni
Moheni Momba Momba Momba Monga
Monga Monga Monga chifunuka Monga chifunuka Monga chifunuka
Monze Monze Monze Mooba Mooba
Mooba Mopa Mopa Mopa Mopulu
Mopulu Mopulu Moyo Moyo Moyo
Mpakani Mpakani Mpakani Mpigwa Mpigwa
Mpigwa Mpimpa Mpimpa Mpimpa Mpoma
Mpoma Mpoma Mpumputa Mpumputa Mpumputa
Muchabwe Muchabwe Muchabwe Muchalenga Muchalenga
Muchalenga Muchanta Muchanta Muchanta Muchelembe
Muchelembe Muchelembe Muchila Muchila Muchila
Muduli Muduli Muduli Mufaka Mufaka
Mufaka Mufana Mufana Mufana Mufuzhi
Mufuzhi Mufuzhi Mufwaya Mufwaya Mufwaya
Muga Muga Muga Mugalolo Mugalolo
Mugalolo Mugamia Mugamia Mugamia Mugamya
Mugamya Mugamya Muhongo Muhongo Muhongo
Mujalanyana Mujalanyana Mujalanyana Mujira Mujira
Mujira Muka Muka Muka Mukabela
Mukabela Mukabela Mukamyakanga Mukamyakanga Mukamyakanga
Mukeni Mukeni Mukeni Mukobela Mukobela
Mukobela Mukonga Mukonga Mukonga Mukosivumba
Mukosivumba Mukosivumba Mukululu Mukululu Mukululu
Mukuni Mukuni Mukuni Mukwelakasasa Mukwelakasasa
Mukwelakasasa Mulalu Mulalu Mulalu Mulamba
Mulamba Mulamba Mulambwa Mulambwa Mulambwa
Mulamfu Mulamfu Mulamfu Mulavu Mulavu
Mulavu Mulele Mulele Mulele Mulemi
Mulemi Mulemi Mulemu Mulemu Mulemu
Muleza Muleza Muleza Mulilabanyama Mulilabanyama
Mulilabanyama Mulimashiba Mulimashiba Mulimashiba Mulimashibi
Mulimashibi Mulimashibi Mulimbwa Mulimbwa Mulimbwa
Mulongamesha Mulongamesha Mulongamesha Mulungwa Mulungwa
Mulungwa Mulwani Mulwani Mulwani Mumburuma
Mumburuma Mumburuma Munalucena Munalucena Munalucena
Munalucheno Munalucheno Munalucheno Munampamba Munampamba
Munampamba Munampelu Munampelu Munampelu Munamunji
Munamunji Munamunji Munamwala Munamwala Munamwala
Mungaila Mungaila Mungaila Mungayakabanga Mungayakabanga
Mungayakabanga Mungolo Mungolo Mungolo Mungoro
Mungoro Mungoro Mungwala Mungwala Mungwala
Munta Munta Munta Muntanga Muntanga
Muntanga Muntumasika Muntumasika Muntumasika Muntuwalonga
Muntuwalonga Muntuwalonga Muntuwamasiku Muntuwamasiku Muntuwamasiku
Munvumbwe Munvumbwe Munvumbwe Munyema Munyema
Munyema Munyumbe Munyumbe Munyumbe Munyumbi
Munyumbi Munyumbi Munyumbwe Munyumbwe Munyumbwe
Mupengu Mupengu Mupengu Mupumani Mupumani
Mupumani Musa Musa Musa Musale
Musale Musale Musantu Musantu Musantu
Musende Musende Musende Mushanana Mushanana
Mushanana Musiapi Musiapi Musiapi Musiya
Musiya Musiya Musokotwane Musokotwane Musokotwane
Musonguli Musonguli Musonguli Musozia Musozia
Musozia Musulumba Musulumba Musulumba Musungule
Musungule Musungule Musungwa Musungwa Musungwa
Mutabakomu Mutabakomu Mutabakomu Mutandalike Mutandalike
Mutandalike Mutanga Mutanga Mutanga Mutantilo
Mutantilo Mutantilo Mutepwele Mutepwele Mutepwele
Mutimba Mutimba Mutimba Mutinta Mutinta
Mutinta Mutoka Mutoka Mutoka Mutubulana
Mutubulana Mutubulana Mutuzhi Mutuzhi Mutuzhi
Mutwanjili Mutwanjili Mutwanjili Muwezewa Muwezewa
Muwezewa Muwezwa Muwezwa Muwezwa Muwezwe
Muwezwe Muwezwe Muyainkila Muyainkila Muyainkila
Muyasansonga Muyasansonga Muyasansonga Muyaule Muyaule
Muyaule Muyauli Muyauli Muyauli Muza
Muza Muza Muzabwe Muzabwe Muzabwe
Muzala Muzala Muzala Muzandu Muzandu
Muzandu Muzoka Muzoka Muzoka Mvamvwa
Mvamvwa Mvamvwa Mwanachanga Mwanachanga Mwanachanga
Mwanachingwala Mwanachingwala Mwanachingwala Mwanachisalu Mwanachisalu
Mwanachisalu Mwanagore Mwanagore Mwanagore Mwanakambwa
Mwanakambwa Mwanakambwa Mwanakambwe Mwanakambwe Mwanakambwe
Mwanalusala Mwanalusala Mwanalusala Mwanamambo Mwanamambo
Mwanamambo Mwanamwala Mwanamwala Mwanamwala Mwanamwale
Mwanamwale Mwanamwale Mwanamwalu Mwanamwalu Mwanamwalu
Mwanamwele Mwanamwele Mwanamwele Mwanankole Mwanankole
Mwanankole Mwanapenza Mwanapenza Mwanapenza Mwanashipopa
Mwanashipopa Mwanashipopa Mwanekabo Mwanekabo Mwanekabo
Mwanga Mwanga Mwanga Mwanza Mwanza
Mwanza Mwebo Mwebo Mwebo Mweela
Mweela Mweela Mweele Mweele Mweele
Mwemba Mwemba Mwemba Mwempe Mwempe
Mwempe Mwenamwala Mwenamwala Mwenamwala Mwenba
Mwenba Mwenba Mwenda Mwenda Mwenda
Mwengu Mwengu Mwengu Mwera Mwera
Mwera Mweza Mweza Mweza Mwiasangunga
Mwiasangunga Mwiasangunga Mwinamo Mwinamo Mwinamo
Mwindila Mwindila Mwindila Myeba Myeba
Myeba Myobo Myobo Myobo Myongo
Myongo Myongo Nachaba Nachaba Nachaba
Nachibanga Nachibanga Nachibanga Nachondwe Nachondwe
Nachondwe Nadonge Nadonge Nadonge Nadongo
Nadongo Nadongo Nafulwe Nafulwe Nafulwe
Nakabanga Nakabanga Nakabanga Nakambala Nakambala
Nakambala Nakambanja Nakambanja Nakambanja Nakamboma
Nakamboma Nakamboma Nakanda Nakanda Nakanda
Nakanga Nakanga Nakanga Nakonjea Nakonjea
Nakonjea Nakwanza Nakwanza Nakwanza Nakwesa
Nakwesa Nakwesa Naliluba Naliluba Naliluba
Nalu Nalu Nalu Naluama Naluama
Naluama Nalubamba Nalubamba Nalubamba Nalubanji
Nalubanji Nalubanji Naluchele Naluchele Naluchele
Nalukale Nalukale Nalukale Nalukombo Nalukombo
Nalukombo Nalumba Nalumba Nalumba Nalumbe
Nalumbe Nalumbe Nalumpa Nalumpa Nalumpa
Nalungwana Nalungwana Nalungwana Naluzha Naluzha
Naluzha Namachila Namachila Namachila Namadula
Namadula Namadula Namajila Namajila Namajila
Namakande Namakande Namakande Namalindi Namalindi
Namalindi Namalonga Namalonga Namalonga Namaluba
Namaluba Namaluba Namarambu Namarambu Namarambu
Namashova Namashova Namashova Namateba Namateba
Namateba Namatemba Namatemba Namatemba Namaundu
Namaundu Namaundu Namayani Namayani Namayani
Nambwele Nambwele Nambwele Namdula Namdula
Namdula Namembo Namembo Namembo Namowa
Namowa Namowa Namucheswa Namucheswa Namucheswa
Namugwenda Namugwenda Namugwenda Namukamba Namukamba
Namukamba Namukungulu Namukungulu Namukungulu Namulyanta
Namulyanta Namulyanta Namulyonto Namulyonto Namulyonto
Namuswa Namuswa Namuswa Namwaba Namwaba
Namwaba Namwala Namwala Namwala Namwianga
Namwianga Namwianga Nanalyou Nanalyou Nanalyou
Nangamba Nangamba Nangamba Nangulwa Nangulwa
Nangulwa Nangumba Nangumba Nangumba Nangweruka
Nangweruka Nangweruka Nanjuna Nanjuna Nanjuna
Nansenga Nansenga Nansenga Nanzhila Nanzhila
Nanzhila Narubamba Narubamba Narubamba Nasegwa
Nasegwa Nasegwa Nashongo Nashongo Nashongo
Nasilele Nasilele Nasilele Nasumpa Nasumpa
Nasumpa Nasyongo Nasyongo Nasyongo Nawachila
Nawachila Nawachila Nazele Nazele Nazele
Ndangalazana Ndangalazana Ndangalazana Ndengeza Ndengeza
Ndengeza Nega nega Nega nega Nega nega Ngabo
Ngabo Ngabo Ngangula Ngangula Ngangula
Ngoma Ngoma Ngoma Nikisi Nikisi
Nikisi Niomah Niomah Niomah Njabalombe
Njabalombe Njabalombe Njami Njami Njami
Njebe Njebe Njebe Njowe Njowe
Njowe Nkandabwe Nkandabwe Nkandabwe Nkobola
Nkobola Nkobola Nkomponi Nkomponi Nkomponi
North end North end North end Nsokosho Nsokosho
Nsokosho Nsokoshu Nsokoshu Nsokoshu Ntambale
Ntambale Ntambale Ntibwe Ntibwe Ntibwe
Ntondwe Ntondwe Ntondwe Nulumpa Nulumpa
Nulumpa Nyambe Nyambe Nyambe Nyambe musokotwani
Nyambe musokotwani Nyambe musokotwani Nyambo Nyambo Nyambo
Nyanga Nyanga Nyanga Nyawa Nyawa
Nyawa Nyende Nyende Nyende Nzambala
Nzambala Nzambala Nzambale Nzambale Nzambale
Nzofu Nzofu Nzofu Nzovu Nzovu
Nzovu Nzunge Nzunge Nzunge Oligonkezia
Oligonkezia Oligonkezia Oligonkezya Oligonkezya Oligonkezya
Pambazana Pambazana Pambazana Pambazani Pambazani
Pambazani Park view Park view Park view Pemba
Pemba Pemba Pokuma Pokuma Pokuma
Poma Poma Poma Popila Popila
Popila Pora Pora Pora Putu
Putu Putu Riverside Riverside Riverside
Runde Runde Runde Rusangu Rusangu
Rusangu Ruvemba Ruvemba Ruvemba Sabwiene
Sabwiene Sabwiene Saie Saie Saie
Salamuka Salamuka Salamuka Salubala Salubala
Salubala Samanansa Samanansa Samanansa Samatanga
Samatanga Samatanga Samate Samate Samate
Samatibu Samatibu Samatibu Sampani Sampani
Sampani Sandavu Sandavu Sandavu Sango
Sango Sango Sankaia Sankaia Sankaia
Sansemuna Sansemuna Sansemuna Saragonde Saragonde
Saragonde Saye Saye Saye Sekute
Sekute Sekute Sekuti Sekuti Sekuti
Sekutinyana Sekutinyana Sekutinyana Senkobo Senkobo
Senkobo Shaakute Shaakute Shaakute Shabaalu
Shabaalu Shabaalu Shababwa Shababwa Shababwa
Shabalu Shabalu Shabalu Shabukome Shabukome
Shabukome Shachishoma Shachishoma Shachishoma Shafulu
Shafulu Shafulu Shajimwanza Shajimwanza Shajimwanza
Shajimwunu Shajimwunu Shajimwunu Shajinkwengwe Shajinkwengwe
Shajinkwengwe Shakachere Shakachere Shakachere Shakakoma
Shakakoma Shakakoma Shakalya banyama school Shakalya banyama school Shakalya banyama school
Shakapalu Shakapalu Shakapalu Shalandwe Shalandwe
Shalandwe Shalanga Shalanga Shalanga Shaloba
Shaloba Shaloba Shaluba Shaluba Shaluba
Shamapula Shamapula Shamapula Shamatuli Shamatuli
Shamatuli Shampandula Shampandula Shampandula Shamunungu
Shamunungu Shamunungu Shamutika Shamutika Shamutika
Shandavu Shandavu Shandavu Shangwa Shangwa
Shangwa Shanjungu Shanjungu Shanjungu Shankalange
Shankalange Shankalange Shankandaule Shankandaule Shankandaule
Shankuba Shankuba Shankuba Shankwashi Shankwashi
Shankwashi Shankwaya Shankwaya Shankwaya Shankwesu
Shankwesu Shankwesu Shanonga Shanonga Shanonga
Shansonga Shansonga Shansonga Shantanda Shantanda
Shantanda Shanzuchi Shanzuchi Shanzuchi Shanzunguli
Shanzunguli Shanzunguli Shapali Shapali Shapali
Shapoli Shapoli Shapoli Shatukute Shatukute
Shatukute Sheleni Sheleni Sheleni Shenjungu
Shenjungu Shenjungu Shepande Shepande Shepande
Shezonga Shezonga Shezonga Shezongo Shezongo
Shezongo Shiakainga Shiakainga Shiakainga Shibilo
Shibilo Shibilo Shibusenga Shibusenga Shibusenga
Shikabuwa Shikabuwa Shikabuwa Shikalopa Shikalopa
Shikalopa Shikamboma Shikamboma Shikamboma Shikapashi
Shikapashi Shikapashi Shikavungabantu Shikavungabantu Shikavungabantu
Shikebo Shikebo Shikebo Shikolopa Shikolopa
Shikolopa Shikube Shikube Shikube Shilibelo
Shilibelo Shilibelo Shimalowa Shimalowa Shimalowa
Shimalowani Shimalowani Shimalowani Shimalwani Shimalwani
Shimalwani Shimbizi Shimbizi Shimbizi Shimbotwe
Shimbotwe Shimbotwe Shimfwamba Shimfwamba Shimfwamba
Shimkakatea Shimkakatea Shimkakatea Shimukopala Shimukopala
Shimukopala Shimukopola Shimukopola Shimukopola Shimukupula
Shimukupula Shimukupula Shimukuputa Shimukuputa Shimukuputa
Shimulombela Shimulombela Shimulombela Shimungala Shimungala
Shimungala Shimunungu Shimunungu Shimunungu Shindo
Shindo Shindo Shindu Shindu Shindu
Shinfwamba Shinfwamba Shinfwamba Shipaku Shipaku
Shipaku Shipande Shipande Shipande Shombwila
Shombwila Shombwila Shumbwamuntu Shumbwamuntu Shumbwamuntu
Siabalengu Siabalengu Siabalengu Siabamba Siabamba
Siabamba Siabanyama Siabanyama Siabanyama Siabasefu
Siabasefu Siabasefu Siabasune Siabasune Siabasune
Siabasuni Siabasuni Siabasuni Siabaswi Siabaswi
Siabaswi Siabele Siabele Siabele Siabena
Siabena Siabena Siabene Siabene Siabene
Siabenzu Siabenzu Siabenzu Siabuleni Siabuleni
Siabuleni Siabumbene Siabumbene Siabumbene Siabumbeni
Siabumbeni Siabumbeni Siabunga Siabunga Siabunga
Siabunkululu Siabunkululu Siabunkululu Siabunkururu Siabunkururu
Siabunkururu Siabusha Siabusha Siabusha Siabwenga
Siabwenga Siabwenga Siabwengo Siabwengo Siabwengo
Siachangu Siachangu Siachangu Siachela Siachela
Siachela Siachelo Siachelo Siachelo Siachibeseka
Siachibeseka Siachibeseka Siachilula Siachilula Siachilula
Siachimputi Siachimputi Siachimputi Siachinkombwe Siachinkombwe
Siachinkombwe Siachipombe Siachipombe Siachipombe Siachitema
Siachitema Siachitema Siachonga Siachonga Siachonga
Siachuma Siachuma Siachuma Siadobele Siadobele
Siadobele Siadobelo Siadobelo Siadobelo Siadugula
Siadugula Siadugula Siajisa Siajisa Siajisa
Siajitema Siajitema Siajitema Siakabale Siakabale
Siakabale Siakabali Siakabali Siakabali Siakabansa
Siakabansa Siakabansa Siakabanze Siakabanze Siakabanze
Siakadobo Siakadobo Siakadobo Siakalima Siakalima
Siakalima Siakalinda Siakalinda Siakalinda Siakambe
Siakambe Siakambe Siakantu Siakantu Siakantu
Siakasandasima Siakasandasima Siakasandasima Siakasiba Siakasiba
Siakasiba Siakasondansima Siakasondansima Siakasondansima Siakayuni
Siakayuni Siakayuni Siakinkombe Siakinkombe Siakinkombe
Siakobanzi Siakobanzi Siakobanzi Siakoma Siakoma
Siakoma Siakunze Siakunze Siakunze Siakwala
Siakwala Siakwala Siakwelele Siakwelele Siakwelele
Sialiabwanda Sialiabwanda Sialiabwanda Sialuindi Sialuindi
Sialuindi Sialujelo Sialujelo Sialujelo Sialumba
Sialumba Sialumba Sialumya Sialumya Sialumya
Sialungalala Sialungalala Sialungalala Sialuselo Sialuselo
Sialuselo Sialwebo Sialwebo Sialwebo Sialwindi
Sialwindi Sialwindi Siamachela Siamachela Siamachela
Siamafwa Siamafwa Siamafwa Siamahoko Siamahoko
Siamahoko Siamaja zirundu Siamaja zirundu Siamaja zirundu Siamajila
Siamajila Siamajila Siamakala Siamakala Siamakala
Siamakoko Siamakoko Siamakoko Siamakwane Siamakwane
Siamakwane Siamalunda Siamalunda Siamalunda Siamaluwa
Siamaluwa Siamaluwa Siamambo Siamambo Siamambo
Siamanansa Siamanansa Siamanansa Siamanga Siamanga
Siamanga Siamani Siamani Siamani Siamano
Siamano Siamano Siamapabi Siamapabi Siamapabi
Siamapanya Siamapanya Siamapanya Siamasengere Siamasengere
Siamasengere Siamasonde Siamasonde Siamasonde Siamasussu
Siamasussu Siamasussu Siamasusu Siamasusu Siamasusu
Siamate Siamate Siamate Siamaundu Siamaundu
Siamaundu Siambabala Siambabala Siambabala Siambalangwe
Siambalangwe Siambalangwe Siambara Siambara Siambara
Siambunda Siambunda Siambunda Siambwaba Siambwaba
Siambwaba Siambwe Siambwe Siambwe Siameja
Siameja Siameja Siameja-wa-zilunda Siameja-wa-zilunda Siameja-wa-zilunda
Siameja-zilunda Siameja-zilunda Siameja-zilunda Siamingano Siamingano
Siamingano Siamkakatea Siamkakatea Siamkakatea Siamona
Siamona Siamona Siamonga Siamonga Siamonga
Siamoya Siamoya Siamoya Siampanda Siampanda
Siampanda Siampande Siampande Siampande Siampandi
Siampandi Siampandi Siampandula Siampandula Siampandula
Siampekema Siampekema Siampekema Siamponda Siamponda
Siamponda Siampondo Siampondo Siampondo Siampono
Siampono Siampono Siampumpu Siampumpu Siampumpu
Siamsalama Siamsalama Siamsalama Siamuchiliba Siamuchiliba
Siamuchiliba Siamugande Siamugande Siamugande Siamugololo
Siamugololo Siamugololo Siamugombwe Siamugombwe Siamugombwe
Siamujebwe Siamujebwe Siamujebwe Siamukambali Siamukambali
Siamukambali Siamukubi Siamukubi Siamukubi Siamukundu
Siamukundu Siamukundu Siamulea Siamulea Siamulea
Siamuleya Siamuleya Siamuleya Siamulumbu Siamulumbu
Siamulumbu Siamulunda Siamulunda Siamulunda Siamuluwa
Siamuluwa Siamuluwa Siamunali Siamunali Siamunali
Siamunchebwa Siamunchebwa Siamunchebwa Siamundele Siamundele
Siamundele Siamunengo Siamunengo Siamunengo Siamungala
Siamungala Siamungala Siamungana Siamungana Siamungana
Siamungara Siamungara Siamungara Siamungombwe Siamungombwe
Siamungombwe Siamuntu Siamuntu Siamuntu Siamupabi
Siamupabi Siamupabi Siamupila Siamupila Siamupila
Siamusale Siamusale Siamusale Siamusambo Siamusambo
Siamusambo Siamusonde Siamusonde Siamusonde Siamutete
Siamutete Siamutete Siamutika Siamutika Siamutika
Siamutoloki Siamutoloki Siamutoloki Siamutumbu Siamutumbu
Siamutumbu Siamuyaka Siamuyaka Siamuyaka Siamuyala
Siamuyala Siamuyala Siamuzemba Siamuzemba Siamuzemba
Siamuzembo Siamuzembo Siamuzembo Siamvemu Siamvemu
Siamvemu Siamvwemu Siamvwemu Siamvwemu Siamwaba
Siamwaba Siamwaba Siamwemba Siamwemba Siamwemba
Siamwinga Siamwinga Siamwinga Siamwisya Siamwisya
Siamwisya Siamzembwe Siamzembwe Siamzembwe Sianamanga
Sianamanga Sianamanga Sianamaya Sianamaya Sianamaya
Sianambwe Sianambwe Sianambwe Sianamonga Sianamonga
Sianamonga Siananbwe Siananbwe Siananbwe Sianankayanga
Sianankayanga Sianankayanga Siangala Siangala Siangala
Siangandu Siangandu Siangandu Siangoba Siangoba
Siangoba Sianjalika Sianjalika Sianjalika Sianjarika
Sianjarika Sianjarika Sianjola Sianjola Sianjola
Siankandoba Siankandoba Siankandoba Siankinkobe Siankinkobe
Siankinkobe Siankodoba Siankodoba Siankodoba Siankodobo
Siankodobo Siankodobo Siankumba Siankumba Siankumba
Siankwa Siankwa Siankwa Siankwakwani Siankwakwani
Siankwakwani Siankwala Siankwala Siankwala Siankwembo
Siankwembo Siankwembo Siankwenbo Siankwenbo Siankwenbo
Sianonga Sianonga Sianonga Siansalama Siansalama
Siansalama Siansiagu Siansiagu Siansiagu Siansingu
Siansingu Siansingu Siansofu Siansofu Siansofu
Siansuke Siansuke Siansuke Siansuntwe Siansuntwe
Siansuntwe Siantalusha Siantalusha Siantalusha Siantalusia
Siantalusia Siantalusia Siantambo Siantambo Siantambo
Siantete Siantete Siantete Siantumba Siantumba
Siantumba Sianyalika Sianyalika Sianyalika Sianyama
Sianyama Sianyama Sianyana Sianyana Sianyana
Sianyeuka Sianyeuka Sianyeuka Sianyimba Sianyimba
Sianyimba Sianyimbo Sianyimbo Sianyimbo Sianyola
Sianyola Sianyola Sianyole Sianyole Sianyole
Sianyolo Sianyolo Sianyolo Sianzembwe Sianzembwe
Sianzembwe Sianziba Sianziba Sianziba Sianzovo
Sianzovo Sianzovo Sianzovu Sianzovu Sianzovu
Siapandy Siapandy Siapandy Siapoga Siapoga
Siapoga Siapoka Siapoka Siapoka Siaruiarala
Siaruiarala Siaruiarala Siaruyendi Siaruyendi Siaruyendi
Siashona Siashona Siashona Siasikabole Siasikabole
Siasikabole Siasimufulila Siasimufulila Siasimufulila Siasipa
Siasipa Siasipa Siasuntwe Siasuntwe Siasuntwe
Siatalimi Siatalimi Siatalimi Siatchanga Siatchanga
Siatchanga Siatchelo Siatchelo Siatchelo Siatchiteme
Siatchiteme Siatchiteme Siatimbula Siatimbula Siatimbula
Siatontola Siatontola Siatontola Siatubi Siatubi
Siatubi Siatuwa Siatuwa Siatuwa Siatwinda
Siatwinda Siatwinda Siatwindu Siatwindu Siatwindu
Siavonga Siavonga Siavonga Siavunkururu Siavunkururu
Siavunkururu Siavwima Siavwima Siavwima Siawaja
Siawaja Siawaja Siawasa Siawasa Siawasa
Siawaya Siawaya Siawaya Siawaza Siawaza
Siawaza Siayalika Siayalika Siayalika Siayumbe
Siayumbe Siayumbe Siayumbu Siayumbu Siayumbu
Siazilombo Siazilombo Siazilombo Siazobwe Siazobwe
Siazobwe Sibaluboyi Sibaluboyi Sibaluboyi Sibangani
Sibangani Sibangani Sibulundu lundu Sibulundu lundu Sibulundu lundu
Sibusenga Sibusenga Sibusenga Sichaya Sichaya
Sichaya Sichindi Sichindi Sichindi Sichonda
Sichonda Sichonda Siciyako Siciyako Siciyako
Sifuba Sifuba Sifuba Sigongo Sigongo
Sigongo Sihumbwa Sihumbwa Sihumbwa Sijungwe
Sijungwe Sijungwe Sikalabula Sikalabula Sikalabula
Sikalamao Sikalamao Sikalamao Sikalongo Sikalongo
Sikalongo Sikalonza Sikalonza Sikalonza Sikanakashaka
Sikanakashaka Sikanakashaka Sikanchimwa Sikanchimwa Sikanchimwa
Sikapande Sikapande Sikapande Sikapandi Sikapandi
Sikapandi Sikaputa Sikaputa Sikaputa Sikarunda
Sikarunda Sikarunda Sikata Sikata Sikata
Sikauchimwa Sikauchimwa Sikauchimwa Sikaula Sikaula
Sikaula Sikawili Sikawili Sikawili Sikayamba
Sikayamba Sikayamba Sikayambo Sikayambo Sikayambo
Sikita Sikita Sikita Sikoci Sikoci
Sikoci Sikube Sikube Sikube Sikuteka
Sikuteka Sikuteka Sikutenyana Sikutenyana Sikutenyana
Sikwaba Sikwaba Sikwaba Silukobo Silukobo
Silukobo Silukutula Silukutula Silukutula Silumo
Silumo Silumo Siluwe Siluwe Siluwe
Siluyasila Siluyasila Siluyasila Simacebele Simacebele
Simacebele Simacembele Simacembele Simacembele Simafumba
Simafumba Simafumba Simakalanga Simakalanga Simakalanga
Simamba Simamba Simamba Simango Simango
Simango Simanyanga Simanyanga Simanyanga Simaobi
Simaobi Simaobi Simapungula Simapungula Simapungula
Simasengele Simasengele Simasengele Simasiku Simasiku
Simasiku Simatajere Simatajere Simatajere Simatamba
Simatamba Simatamba Simaubi Simaubi Simaubi
Simbeleko Simbeleko Simbeleko Simeba Simeba
Simeba Simonga Simonga Simonga Simongwa
Simongwa Simongwa Simpwesi Simpwesi Simpwesi
Simukali Simukali Simukali Simulambela Simulambela
Simulambela Simuliamana Simuliamana Simuliamana Simulyama
Simulyama Simulyama Simulyamana Simulyamana Simulyamana
Simumpande Simumpande Simumpande Simupande Simupande
Simupande Simupandi Simupandi Simupandi Simupingula
Simupingula Simupingula Simutwi Simutwi Simutwi
Simuvuyu Simuvuyu Simuvuyu Simuyuni Simuyuni
Simuyuni Simwali Simwali Simwali Simwambwa
Simwambwa Simwambwa Simwatachela Simwatachela Simwatachela
Simwele Simwele Simwele Simwelezhia Simwelezhia
Simwelezhia Simwelezhya Simwelezhya Simwelezhya Simwene
Simwene Simwene Sinabaleya Sinabaleya Sinabaleya
Sinabuleya Sinabuleya Sinabuleya Sinachilomba Sinachilomba
Sinachilomba Sinadambwe Sinadambwe Sinadambwe Sinafwala
Sinafwala Sinafwala Sinakoba Sinakoba Sinakoba
Sinamalima Sinamalima Sinamalima Sinamalina Sinamalina
Sinamalina Sinambwani Sinambwani Sinambwani Sinanjola
Sinanjola Sinanjola Sinanjolo Sinanjolo Sinanjolo
Sinanyanga Sinanyanga Sinanyanga Sinasongwe Sinasongwe
Sinasongwe Sinazeze Sinazeze Sinazeze Sinazezi
Sinazezi Sinazezi Sinazongwe Sinazongwe Sinazongwe
Sindamu Sindamu Sindamu Sinde Sinde
Sinde Singanga Singanga Singanga Singani
Singani Singani Singomba Singomba Singomba
Singombe Singombe Singombe Sinyolo Sinyolo
Sinyolo Sinyungwe Sinyungwe Sinyungwe Siokolinda
Siokolinda Siokolinda Sipatunyana Sipatunyana Sipatunyana
Sipwapwa Sipwapwa Sipwapwa Sirukobo Sirukobo
Sirukobo Sitali Sitali Sitali Sitimba
Sitimba Sitimba Sitinkwe Sitinkwe Sitinkwe
Sitinkwi Sitinkwi Sitinkwi Situmba Situmba
Situmba Sivanda Sivanda Sivanda Sivhumba
Sivhumba Sivhumba Siyakasipa Siyakasipa Siyakasipa
Siyanda Siyanda Siyanda Siyowe Siyowe
Siyowe Slukutia Slukutia Slukutia Sopani
Sopani Sopani Statilima Statilima Statilima
Suluwe Suluwe Suluwe Sulwegonde Sulwegonde
Sulwegonde Suragonde Suragonde Suragonde Suwegonde
Suwegonde Suwegonde Syanyolo Syanyolo Syanyolo
Tamalu Tamalu Tamalu Tamatira Tamatira
Tamatira Tambala Tambala Tambala Tambale
Tambale Tambale Tapisha Tapisha Tapisha
Tara Tara Tara Tembwe tembwe Tembwe tembwe
Tembwe tembwe Tenkanya Tenkanya Tenkanya Tiambwa
Tiambwa Tiambwa Tinkanya Tinkanya Tinkanya
Tobonte Tobonte Tobonte Tobote Tobote
Tobote Tombabanyama Tombabanyama Tombabanyama Tombamanyama
Tombamanyama Tombamanyama Tombora Tombora Tombora
Tomu Tomu Tomu Tonga Tonga
Tonga Tongo Tongo Tongo Tonko
Tonko Tonko Tundwe Tundwe Tundwe
Tundwi Tundwi Tundwi Ufwenuka Ufwenuka
Ufwenuka Ushimba Ushimba Ushimba Usijongo
Usijongo Usijongo Vwavwa Vwavwa Vwavwa
Zara Zara Zara Zimba Zimba

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