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Basic Facts
Country name conventional long form: People's Republic of Bangladesh
conventional short form: Bangladesh
local long form: Gana Prajatantri Banladesh
local short form: Banladesh
former: East Bengal, East Pakistan
Gevernment typeparliamentary democracy
Capital name: Dhaka
geographic coordinates: 23 43 N, 90 25 E
time difference: UTC+6 (11 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Flag descriptiongreen field with a large red disk shifted slightly to the hoist side of center; the red disk represents the rising sun and the sacrifice to achieve independence; the green field symbolizes the lush vegetation of Bangladesh
Currencytaka (BDT)
Internet country
Ports and terminalsChittagong, Mongla Port
Agriculture productsrice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, tobacco, pulses, oilseeds, spices, fruit; beef, milk, poultry
Industriescotton textiles, jute, garments, tea processing, paper newsprint, cement, chemical fertilizer, light engineering, sugar
LocationSouthern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India
Coordinates24 00 N, 90 00 E
Area total: 144,000 sq km
land: 133,910 sq km
water: 10,090 sq km
Boundaries total: 4,246 km
border countries: Burma 193 km, India 4,053 km
Coastline580 km
Climatetropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October)
Terrainmostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast
Natural resourcesnatural gas, arable land, timber, coal
Natural hazardsdroughts, cyclones; much of the country routinely inundated during the summer monsoon season
Population147,365,352 (July 2006 est.)
Ethnic groupsBengali 98%, tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims (1998)
ReligionsMuslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998)
LanguagesBangla (official, also known as Bengali), English

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