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Flag of Christmas Island Christmas Island

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Basic Facts
Country name conventional long form: Territory of Christmas Island
conventional short form: Christmas Island
Gevernment typeNA
Capital name: The Settlement
geographic coordinates: 18 44 N, 64 19 W
time difference: UTC+7 (12 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
Flag descriptionterritorial flag; divided diagonally from upper hoist to lower fly; the upper triangle is green with a yellow image of the Golden Bosun Bird superimposed, while the lower triangle is blue with the Southern Cross constellation, representing Australia, superimposed; a centered yellow disk displays a green map of the island; the flag of Australia is used for official purposes
CurrencyAustralian dollar (AUD)
Internet country
Ports and terminalsFlying Fish Cove
Agriculture productsNA
Industriestourism, phosphate extraction (near depletion)
LocationSoutheastern Asia, island in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesia
Coordinates10 30 S, 105 40 E
ContinentSoutheast Asia
Area total: 135 sq km
land: 135 sq km
water: 0 sq km
Boundaries0 km
Coastline138.9 km
Climatetropical with a wet and dry season; heat and humidity moderated by trade winds; wet season (December to April)
Terrainsteep cliffs along coast rise abruptly to central plateau
Natural resourcesphosphate, beaches
Natural hazardsthe narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
Population1,493 (July 2006 est.)
Ethnic groupsChinese 70%, European 20%, Malay 10%
note: no indigenous population (2001)
ReligionsBuddhist 36%, Muslim 25%, Christian 18%, other 21% (1997)
LanguagesEnglish (official), Chinese, Malay

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